Why “driving highway 6”?

Why “driving highway 6”? Well my journey to acknowledging my fears and doing what’s scary really started about a year ago.

I was coming off maternity leave and ready to return to some form of work. Before having my third child, I had been working at my “dream job.” At least it was my dream job for the first while. But over time it changed–or I changed. It just didn’t seem to fit with my life anymore. I felt stuck. But I didn’t think it was possible for me to find anything better–especially since my availability was limited to a few evenings and Saturday mornings (I chose to spend my time with my kids–and minimize the need for daycare). There was also the issue of transportation. We were a 1-car family, which meant my husband had the car and I used public transit, my bike or my own 2 feet. I perseverated on all my barriers to finding meaningful employment. I was scared.

But then the unexpected happened: 2 weeks before my maternity leave ended I was told that I could not return to my previous position. It was not available.

My mind jumped back and forth between relief and sorrow. I didn’t really want to return there but what option did I have? And now with only 2 weeks left in my maternity leave, I had no job prospects–let alone good ones.

A small, meek voice inside me reminded me of a quote by Maya Angelou: “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” A friend had approached me a couple times over the years with job opportunities. The jobs always seemed interesting to me but I could never make it work with my life. I decided to send an email to her business partner and let her know I was available if anything should come up.

And something did come up. The perfect fit. But it would be a few months.

But then something even more amazing happened. Seemingly out of the blue I received an email from another friend with a short term job opportunity starting immediately and going until the other position started. Un-be-lievable.

There was only one, small problem: we were moving. About 3 months after I starting working at a job I loved in an environment I  loved, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay. It would require buying a second car and a 40 min drive, mostly on highway 6. I had gotten out of the habit of driving and frankly had become afraid of highway driving. Plus, commuting in the winter? In the snow? Who wants to do that?! I was scared.

My husband could see clearly what needed to happen. He told me if I loved this job, I had to do this. We had to make this work.

And we did.

We found a way to buy a second car and I grew some lady balls and started driving the 401 and highway 6. I was scared, but I did it anyway.

Funny enough, I actually look forward to driving highway 6 now. It’s my time to reflect. I don’t love the 401 but I do it anyway. And I feel good about it.


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